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Saint Matthew's Lutheran church

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Saint Matthew's Lutheran Church was founded in 1908. During its one hundred year history the church has held fast to the Reformation principle of One Lord, One Faith, One scripture, One Baptism, One Grace.

Today, however, is not the Middle Ages. Today is the 21st century. Things have changed. People have a different world view. And the Church is understood differently.

Saint Matthew's is eager to engage this new time, to interact with people of today.  God is relevant for our time, for the ordinary lives we live. 
God is active in our midst and wants us to reach out and touch people.

Our Mission

This church is dedicated to Jesus the Christ, who is the Son of God, the son from the womb of the virgin, the only begotten of the Father, the Redeemer and Savior of the world.
It is also dedicated to the holy Virgin Mary. She is the (Theo tokas,) The God bearer, the mother of God. 

This ministry is dedicated to the holy archangels Michael and Gabriel.
      The archangel Michael is the patron saint of the clergy, the Defender of the Church, the Guardian of the sacraments and the Protector of the faithful.

     The archangel Gabriel was given the very special privilege to announce to the Virgin Mary the conception of Jesus.

     We encourage our fellow Christians to join with us in a great crusade to renew and restore the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church on this earth in union with the Holy See of Rome and the Holy Brethren of the one holy catholic and Orthodox Church of the East.

     All of this for the purpose of lifting up the Name of our Lord Jesus, as the Savior of the world and the only person who can give meaning and purpose to our human lives.

     We promote the unity of God, the unity of the Church and the unity of the human race: in order that:

We can enjoy this life we have been collectively given.


We can earnestly and confidently look forward to THAT LIFE, yet to be given to us, whereby we may see and enjoy the vision which is the face of God. Amen…

Thank you holy Mother and thank you Saint Michael…
With all honor to St. Joseph
With all honor to St. Gabriel- chosen to announce the conception of our Lord Jesus.
With all honor to the special person, Mary, whose response of total obedience and dedication was the appropriate response to the All Knowing, All Powerful, and All Merciful-who is the Father-God.

Becoming a Member

Saint Matthews is a community of people on a pilgrim journey of faith.
Pray for us.
Come to join us in worship.
Become a friend of this congregation.
After time, become a member.
Make your life count for Christ.


Organization News

Christian Unity Bible Institute
SummerTerm begins July 6, 2009 and ends July 11, 2009

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Who was Mary?

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Saint Matthews Ev. Lutheran Church
173 N. Washington Avenue
Bergenfield, New Jersey 07621

Phone: 201 385 5799